What To Wear for a Beach Wedding?

The bride, groom and bridesmaid strolling along the beachWe all dream of getting away from it all and with wedding prices in the UK going up to ridiculous levels it can often be cheaper to get married abroad!

Just think of how romantic it would be to get married on the beach, with waves lapping gently onto the sand, a gentle and warm breeze cooling every as the sun melts into the horizon in a blaze of red, orange and yellow. Contrast that with a registry office in wet and windy Britain!

A romantic and intimate beach wedding, with just your closest of friends present sounds like a dream. But many couples choose to turn that dream into a reality and who can blame them? The weather is more or less guaranteed and the sand certainly is! Plus you can throw a party for those friends who couldn’t make it once you get back home! It’s YOUR wedding and if you have dreams of taking your vows on a deserted beach then you should be free to follow those dreams. Here are a few inspiring outfits to get you in the beach party mood!

Beach Bride!

A full skirt and flowing train doesn’t quite sit right with a beach wedding does it? Presume that the weather will be hot and go for something lightweight and loose – some brides even get married in special bridal bikinis! If you don’t fancy being that daring then take a look at a couple of our selections for beach bridal wear!

wide straps white, short beach wedding dress

This Kew Pleat Band Dress is a fantastic and fun mini dress with an elegantly shaped waist and loose skirt. It’s made from 100% cotton to allow your skin to breathe in the hot sun. It’s young, light and funky and just made for beach weddings!

monsoon windermere maxi wedding dress

Of course some brides just love the image of their dress flowing and swishing in the breeze and so if you are to go for a long dress, make sure that it’s light and airy like the Windermere Maxi Dress by Monsoon. Not only it is beautifully detailed in ivory lace but it also has a silk trim and delicate chiffon sleeves for that feminine floaty feel.

Beach Wedding Suits for the Groom

A hot sandy beach is not quite the right place for a full morning suit! Mind you, you’d look a bit out of place in your tropical shorts and Hawaiian t-shirt too (on your wedding day, not normally on a beach in Benidorm however). As with the bride, the key here is to dress light. You’ll be nervous and sweaty anyway and the last thing you need is a heavy outfit to make it even worse. Light colours and thin fabrics should keep you looking your calm and collected best.

White suits are a perfect compromise to a beach wedding. Smart, tailored yet cool and casual at the same time! Moss Bros have the aptly named Caribbean Dinner Suit for hire and as it’s unlikely that you’ll be needing a white suit again, it probably makes sense to hire one! Team it up with a smart shirt and light trousers.

white carribean beach wedding suit

No crazy beach shirts mind! A plain white tailored Shirt will ensure you look the part teamed up with a loose tie for the casual yet smart style. You don’t want to be too dressy for your beach wedding yet you don’t want to look as though you’ve just wandered over from the bar either!

Beach Wedding Outfits For Bridesmaids

Once word gets out about your beach wedding you’ll have plenty of phone calls from prospective bridesmaids all wanting to dress up and have a holiday in the sun! And if you’ve been picked as the lucky one who gets to jet off to an exotic location you’ll no doubt be searching for the perfect beach bridesmaid outfit! Firstly have a word with the bride to see if she has any colours in mind. As it’s a beach wedding it will be largely a casual affair but that doesn’t mean that a t-shirt and some shorts will suffice. Choose a dress that is comfortable to wear all day, light and smart enough to make it obvious that you’re more than just a passer-by.

This beautiful Autograph Pleat Detail Strapless Dress could be just what you are looking for. In a delicate sky blue hue with a smart and stylish full bow you can either go strapless or choose detachable spaghetti straps to show off that pre-wedding tan!

autograph pleat detail strapless prom dress babydoll blue embellished party dress

Short, girly and floaty is ideal just like this Turquoise Embellished Curve Babydoll Dress that is part of the Star range by Julien Macdonald. It will turn you into a proper beach babe! The soft chiffon fabric will be shown at its very best in the bright sunlight that will pick out the glistening sequin and bead embellished mesh. It’s a fantastic party dress and brilliant for beach weddings!

Beach Wedding Flower Girl and Page Boy Outfits

Take the kids to the beach and they’ll expect to be able to make sandcastles, paddle in the sea and roll around in the cool sand all day. What they won’t be expecting is to dress in their best and stand in the hot sun for a few hours. Therefore make sure you prep the kids before you even set off for the beach wedding and try to ensure that they get a good few hours play on the beach beforehand so they’re already used to it and don’t feel ripped off.

When choosing kids outfits for beach weddings try to keep it simple and lightweight. Kids won’t appreciate being suited and booted on a hot day on the beach. Keep them cool and fresh and they are much more likely to fall into their defined roles.

stone linen page boy suit from Tesco

Tesco may be an unlikely source but they have a range of super cute Page Boy outfits from their F&F Wedding Collection. A smart linen stone coloured jacket and trousers will only set you back £27! Pop a short sleeved white shirt on underneath and a buttonhole and he’ll look super cool! Plus the suit will last well after the holiday wedding too.

monsoon sophia broderie flower girl dress

This light and summery Sophia Broderie Flower Girl dress from Monsoon is an excellent choice. It’s made from 100% cotton and is simple and unfussy. She could wear this at anytime on the beach and wouldn’t look out of place, yet put a simple posy in her hands and the dress does the job beautifully. She’ll be thrilled to wear it and will look a delight!

Beach Wear for Male Wedding Guests

If you are one of the lucky guests asked to accompany the bride and groom to their beach wedding getaway then you’ll be wondering what on earth to wear to an open-air ceremony! Do you go all casual in flip flops and a straw hat or do you dress up to the nines in high heels and your Ascot hat? Well somewhere inbetween is ideal. You certainly don’t want to be dressed like a beach bum so some amount of effort is required. The best bet is to imagine that you’ve a romantic date with your loved one on the beach and dress appropriately.

John Lewis have Beach Wedding recommendations like this Linen Suit Jacket in stone that is light, cool and breathable making it the perfect jacket for beach conditions.

John Lewis linen suit jacket mens shirt

Linen should ideally be worn with linen so that if you need to take your jacket off you aren’t showing a creased and sweat stained shirt. Solve the problem with this Polo Ralph Lauren Linen Shirt from John Lewis that will always look immaculate!

Outfits for Female Wedding Guests

There are few things women love more than having a beach holiday and getting all dolled up, so if you combine the two you get a day made in heaven! Yet figuring out what to wear as a beach wedding guest can be a daunting task. Luckily there are some great summer outfits on the high street right now that are just made for showing off!

Debenhams have suggestions for all types of wedding including a beach ceremony so take inspiration and find your perfect outfit so that you can look sizzling in the sun!

Bring a little colour to the occasion and stand out in this magnificent Julien Macdonald Black Scarf Print Dress. The strappy top and ruched cups enhance your figure and glowing tan whilst the bright patterned skirt has the effect of drawing in your waist. It is finished off with a pretty black bow at the back for a smart, dressy look.

summer scarf print strappy dress by julien macdonald

Beach weddings are exciting, different and once in a lifetime occasions so whether you are a beach bride, surfing groom or groovy guest, make the most of your day in the sun with memorable outfits that will remind you of your wonderful time in the sun whenever you get them out again!