Tesco Wedding Collection

Young bridesmaids outfits from the Tesco Wedding CollectionThe Florence & Fred clothing collection at Tesco has always been popular amongst savvy shoppers who are wanting good quality, fashionable clothes at low prices. Now the budget savvy bride can also take advantage of the Tesco Wedding Collection!

Everything you need for your wedding including Tesco bridal wear, wedding suits, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, pageboy outfits and other wedding outfits are available right now from Tesco Clothing.

There is absolutely no compromise on quality and the range of Tesco wedding outfits are so gorgeous that they could have some straight from a designer store! So if you want to look and feel like a catwalk queen but without spending half a year’s wages then take a look at the Tesco Wedding Collection and prepare to be more than a little surprised!

Tesco Bridesmaid Dresses

Where else can you get a gorgeous little bridesmaid dress from just £18 other than Tesco? Their collection also includes Tesco Flower Girl Dresses and all come with added cute-ability appeal! Their most expensive bridesmaid dresses are stunning silk dresses from £35 – a price that almost has as much appeal as the dresses!

Two silk bridesmaid dresses in white and pink from Tesco's Occasion Collection

Kitting out a whole little troupe of bridesmaids and flower girls used to be an expensive business but now thanks to Tesco you can buy outfits for at least 5 bridesmaids for under £100 and you’ll have an adorable little entourage to follow you up the aisle!

Tesco Page Boys

It’s not just the girls who can benefit from Tesco’s super value wedding outfits. Page Boys too can get the Tesco treatment with 3 piece sets that includes a shirt, waistcoat and tie from just £18!

Smart waistcoats and shirts for boys from the Tesco wedding collection

The F&F Page Boy collection also have smart linen suits and pinstripe suits in any colour you like, from cream to black. Your little boy will look every inch a little man in order to carry out his important page boy duties! And of course he can wear the suit again and again for any special occasion.

Wedding Suits

When my husband and I were invited to a wedding to be held in May of this year, the occasion brought a sense of panic to my husband who views suits with a deep suspicion! After persuading him that his old suit jacket and trousers were a different shade of black, and yes people would notice, he finally submitted himself to buying one.

Smart men's wedding suits

The high streets seem to charge a small fortune for suits so it’s nice to find that Tesco’s Wedding Suits are of the same high quality thick material with a well fitted cut, but at a much more reasonable price that even my husband nodded approvingly at. Every man should have at least one suit in his wardrobe and now with Tesco suits you can stretch that to two – one light summer suit and a dark winter one. My husband has already had occasion to wear his suit before the wedding, so it just goes to show that even the most suit loathing man will have to wear one at some point in his life and it does make it easier if he feels he’s got a good quality suit at a bargain price!

Bridal Lingerie

What you wear underneath your wedding dress is just for your new husband’s eyes only and if he thinks you look gorgeous in that stunning wedding dress, just wait until he sees the surprise you have reserved for him!

Lace bridal lingerie from Tesco

Tesco have a range of luxurious bridal lingerie like the F&F Satin Feel Just Married Briefs and the F&F Lace Garter, plus a range of top brand bras that will hold you firmly in place and help define your figure for that perfect figure hugging wedding dress! Get the perfect cleavage too with the help of their pretty satin push-up bras.

Women’s Wedding Wear

If you are planning on going to a wedding later this year then you’ll be saving up for that one ‘must have’ outfit. Us women know exactly what outfit we are going to wear as soon as we see it and no other outfit will even fit into the same category once we’ve seen the perfect wedding outfit. Well we’re pretty confident that once you’ve browsed through the Tesco Wedding Outfits you’ll find your perfect dress at an even more perfect price!

Women's occasion dreeses

The popular F&F brand is still here but other brands also make their debut in this collection such as Angel Eye, Amys of Paris, 18 AND EAST and Senses by Sasperilla. So whatever your figure, you’re bound to find a dress to suit that’ll make you feel like a goddess and draw as many compliments as the wedding dress! Just take care not to upstage the bride!

Tescos really are the store with everything and as they are constantly updating their wedding collection, it’s worth keeping an eye on this store for more bridal wear and wedding accessories that are added onto the site. Expect other supermarkets to follow suit, but for now Tesco remains our favourite for their fabulously impressive wedding collection!