Pregnant Bridesmaid Dresses

No matter how meticulous you plan a wedding, there are those things that you simply cannot plan for or predict and pregnancy is one of them. Now pregnant brides are fairly well catered for in the wedding dress department but what about bridesmaids? There can be nothing worse than being surrounded by slim gorgeous girls in their well fitted bridesmaid dresses whilst you make do with a frumpy maternity dress that isn’t even the same colour! You then spend the rest of the wedding day hiding behind the rest hoping that no-one will notice you.

Well thankfully the world of maternity clothes is changing and there are on-line stores such as Tiffany Rose and Crave Maternity who are busy throwing those frumpy dresses out of the window and instead designing sexy, sassy and sophisticated pregnant bridesmaid dresses that not only take pride in your bump but leave you feeling ultra gorgeous and feminine.

So if pregnancy has taken you by surprise, don’t cancel your bridesmaid duties because you can’t find a bridesmaid dress to fit. Get one of these fabulous dresses and be prepared to dazzle on the day!

Bright coloured maternity bridesmaids dress Ocean Blue Maternity Bridesmaids Gown

Mandarin Maternity Gown – Get on-trend with this eye-catching little number! It’s generous and roomy for any size of bump and the ribbon tie is a lovely touch that flatters those pregnancy curves. You won’t want to hide away behind the other bridesmaids in this maternity dress!

If blue is your colour then you’ll love this Ocean Coloured Gown! Featured in You & Your Wedding this elegant dress  is hand-crafted with a blend of silk layers and the contrasting waist tie really sets off the look. Best of all, it’s completely adjustable so will fit all through your pregnancy and it’s one of their most popular dresses yet. So go on, show a bit of flair!

Jade Coloured Maternity Dress Blue Maternity Bridesmaids Dress

For quality and value for money you’ll find Crave Maternity hard to beat when it comes to fashionable occasion wear and they have a fair selection of dresses which are perfectly suited for a wedding. The Crave Maternity Grecian Dress in Jade or Cobalt Blue is one of their most popular numbers. Feminine and floaty with a cross-over neckline this dress is just as suitable for a party dress or as a bridesmaids outfit – and with a concealed side zip and adjustable waist ties it is easy to slip on without a struggle.

So don’t let that bump get in the way of a beautiful bridesmaid! With maternity bridesmaid dresses like these, you still get to be the belle of the ball and celebrate in all your curvaceous gorgeousness!

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