Phase Eight Wedding Outfits

Phase Eight joins a long list of established women’s clothes designers selling feminine and contemporary fashion of superb quality and superior cuts. Their collection of women’s dresses are full of elegance and quiet glamour with soft tones and flowing fabrics. Versatile enough to be worn for every day wear and also sophisticated enough for evening wear and special occasions.

John Lewis now stock a selection of Phase Eight clothing and among their collection are some selected dresses and outfits that are perfect bridesmaid dresses. Many of the dresses have a vintage 1950s feel to them when fashion was at its most glamorous and flattering! These dresses are fantastic for the fuller figure á la Marilyn Monroe with their A-line cut and fitted waists.

There are also flattering silky dresses with flared hems that are the epitome of summer and carefree ways. Bold prints will make you unmissable and striking details such as waist bows and belts will highlight your curves. These Phase Eight bridesmaid dresses are so versatile that not only will they make fabulous wedding outfits, but you can wear them again and again for any occasion!

Of course you don’t need to be a bridesmaid to treat yourself to a gorgeous Phase Eight outfit. The Mother of the Bride/Groom, Maid of Honour and other special guests can also use a wedding as their chance to bag themselves a truly stunning outfit that will make them feel every inch of the woman they are!

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Phase Eight clothing was designed with today’s woman in mind. We are not all supermodels with angled bodies and flat bosoms and their line of clothing reflects this. When you wear a Phase Eight outfit that is fitted to the contours of your individual shape you suddenly realise why it is that people spend money on designer outfits. And what better excuse to splash out than on a wedding outfit that will set you apart from the crowd and make you feel like a Hollywood superstar!

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