Monsoon Page Boy Outfits

So your little man has been chosen for the coveted role of Page Boy and naturally you want him looking as smart and as dapper as the groom, after all he has an important role to play in the wedding ceremony!

Boy's wedding suit

The role of the page boy in a wedding is usually to help the flower girl carry the bride’s wedding dress train up the aisle and then to accompany the flower girl in leading the wedding procession out of the venue once the service is finished. If the page boy is very confident and sensible he may also be asked to present the wedding rings on a small cushion.

So as your boy will be part of the official wedding ceremony and of course included in the photographs, it’s vital that he looks the part. Monsoon now have a collection of page boy outfits especially for the occasion so that he’ll look irresistibly adorable!

Boy's wedding waistcoat and matching trousers

Matching trousers and waistcoats for page boys really are a must and of course you can use the trousers again and again and the waistcoat is a really trendy addition to casual jeans for a cool, streetwise look after the wedding. However for now they make the difference between a smart wedding guest and the official page boy and will ensure that he looks the business!

Now in the unlikely event of you not finding what you are looking for in this selection, Monsoon has a range of page boy outfits from short/long trousers, shirts and waistcoats in different colours and styles so you are bound to find exactly the right outfit to make him look and feel like a little VIP.

And of course you get some fantastic photos to keep so that when he’s a teenager and wearing nothing but hoodies, you can remind yourself (and him) of how adorably cute and smart he looked on the very special day he became a Page Boy.

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