Maria Senvo’s Debut Bridal Collection

Every new beginning is always beautiful. It is the same way for every new wedding designer. I was browsing through the internet for something to write about when I stumbled on her collection.

I am talking about Maria Senvo. Her name is an anagram which means “vein of love”. And her debut collection certainly reflects the romantic vision of her taste. She have provided a sneak peek of what would the creations would be like.

The full range of the collection would be made of 18 dresses ranging from £1,500 to £3,000.

Let us all see the sneak peek of what she has to offer.




Combining luxury fabric and beading with a contemporary shape, the simplicity of the “Asana” gown is decidedly chic.








With delicate lace detailing, sprinkled with subtle sparkle, the back of the “Bo” gown has a precious touch that looks graceful and elegant.








Luxurious rich chiffon and tulle paired with individual, carefully placed Swarovski crystals make the “Joy” gown one of the collection’s statement pieces.







Where intricate pearl beading meets a free flowing silhouette, the “Rye” gown features impeccable detail and a luxe V back.

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