Choosing The Perfect Suits For Your Wedding

Photo Credits: Female First

Photo Credits: Female First

Scrolling through your checklist, checking everything in it can be a little bit tiring. Wedding Gown – check. Entourage – check. Suits – ?.

Yeah, we have been there before as well. Choosing a suit for your wedding is another task not really very easy to accomplish. So Lucy Walton gave us some steps to bear in mind when choosing the perfect suit for your wedding.

How To: Choosing the perfect suits for your wedding!

Buy don’t hire- An experienced tailor will make a suit that fits him like a glove, will last him forever and will be a stylish and sophisticated suit for their collection.

Memento- If you buy a suit- like you, he will have something to remember your big day by- however he will be at an advantage because he can wear his again.

Tone- Make sure the suit is in-keeping with the entire tone and colour scheme of the wedding and ensure that he feels comfortable in it. He is going to be in that thing for hours so he might as well feel good in it and not restricted in any way.

Material- Get a material weight that is suited to the month you are getting married in; a lighter one of summer weddings and of course something thicker if it’s a winter wedding.


Suits explained

Three Piece- A three piece suit, jacket, trousers and waistcoat, is very smart for the big day but can be dressed down for a less formal occasion.

Morning Suit- This is the most formal of all suit options- single breasted with a tail at the back. The jackets generally come in black or grey and can be accessorised with a top hat, striped trousers and waistcoat.

Tails- This is another wedding classic with long tails at the back, to be worn with braces, a white shirt and waistcoat or cravat.

Black Tie- A popular selection for an evening do, with the option of different lapels and a bow tie can give him a timeless look.

Lounge suit- Some grooms feel easier going with what they know – if they wear a lounge suit for work then it seems like the natural choice to go with one their wedding day.  It can be accessorised with a waistcoat or cravat.