Choosing The Right Bridal Lingerie

Bridal CorsetYour big day is fast approaching – everything is organised and ready to go. The dress, the bridesmaids, the church, the cake, the reception, the honeymoon even the groom – but have you sorted out your wedding lingerie for the big day?

If this is something you have left to the last minute don’t panic here are some tips to help you choose the right wedding lingerie.

In fact, choosing the right kind of bridal lingerie is just as important a choosing the right wedding dress and we all know just how hard can be! Whilst 99.99% of the guests at your wedding will not be able to see your final choice in wedding lingerie there is just one very special guest who will and lets face he is one of two of the most important people on the day.

What you ultimately choose to wear under your wedding dress can set the whole tone for your very special wedding night. It could be prim and proper but on the other hand it could bring out the naughty and sexier side of your personality. Either way whatever your final choice it is still a very important part of your wedding ensemble for the day.

Where to Buy

These days wedding lingerie is available from many many sources and comes in various sizes, shapes and indeed styles. There is also a lovely selection of fabrics to choose from to ensure you feel comfortable and sexy. The most important thing to remember that your wedding lingerie must fit in with the style of dress you are wearing to provide good and comfortable support.

If your wedding dress is off the shoulder then a good quality strapless bra will be the order of the day. Although, some strapless wedding dresses now come with a built-in bra to allow for total comfort and good support that you can guarantee will be well hidden, so check before you spend your money if you need a bra or not.

If your wedding dress hugs your body ,then it would be advisable to steer clear of underwear that has frills or detail that would show through your dress. You want people to be admiring the beautiful fabric and shape not commenting on the fact they can see the brides underwear.


Bridal Basques

Wedding lingerie really breaks down into two types. First is the basque style of bridal lingerie – these normally come in beautiful white and ivory shades and are made with wonderful combinations of lace, satin and silks. Sometimes there can be a pearl trim associated with these – but again always remember will effect the line of your wedding dress. Only really choose a basque if it is going to create the look you are after, it is really designed to pull in your waist and to really emphasise your hips and breasts.

This can result in quite an emphasised cleavage which might not be the look you are going for on your wedding day, they can also be quite restrictive when worn all day – but if you are confident that you would feel comfortable and sexy in a basque then maybe it is for right wedding lingerie you.

Bridal Bras & Knickers

The second style of bridal underwear is the simple two set bra and knickers. Again you will find these fantastic creations in a selection of white, ivory and cream colours. The fabrics tend to be delicate lace and silks which are ideal for a summer wedding as you will feel really sexy and you don’t have to worry about overheating tight underwear. Whilst the simple two set is not deemed as provocative as the basque style, it does allow you to show off more of your figure to your lucky husband.

However, it goes without saying that the most important thing is that you must be comfortable and confident on the day. Somewhere out in the market place is the ideal piece of wedding lingerie just for you and if he is lucky – your husband as well.

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