Winter Wedding Tips: Flowers

Photo Credits: Hello! Online

Photo Credits: Hello! Online

Wedding couples prefer different type of wedding season to marry. And winter is one of the season that is fast becoming a season to marry to.

And during the winter season, one we have to consider when planning a wedding is flowers. And here are some tips for choosing the best wedding flowers for a winter wedding from Liz Inigo- Jones

Winter wedding bouquets: top tips on what flowers to have

What are the most popular flowers to have at a winter wedding?
“There are a lot of flowers available year round – roses, freesia and lilies to name a few. But it is lovely to use seasonal winter flowers when possible – hyacinths, amaryllis, hellebores, paper whites and of course everyone’s favourite, the ranunculas.”

What should a bride prepare before they meet their florist?
“It’s very helpful if a bride comes to see me with an idea of what they like and don’t like in terms of flowers. That doesn’t mean an exact or precise vision of the final display but, do they like lilies for example? Do they have a view on roses? Would they like the flowers to co-ordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses? Are they looking for flowers for the church or the ceremony venue? And so on.

“A little computer or magazine research will generate enough examples of flowers available at the time of their wedding date to show what is likely to be around, although this can be confirmed in due course at the florist meetings.

“I always suggest to brides that they come to their first consultation armed with magazine cuttings, Pinterest boards etc. of ideas they have, as often what a bride sees and what she describes can be different.

“It’s also a good idea for a bride to know what sort of dress she will be wearing as this will often determine what sort of bouquet I would recommend. For example, if the wedding dress is very big and detailed you won’t want a bouquet to be too large or busy as the dress will be the main focal point.

When should a bride start contacting a florist?
“The photographer and florist are the next most important things after the wedding venue and dress. In an ideal world, a bride would meet with their florist a year before their wedding date so they can look at the seasonal flowers whilst discussing options. This obviously isn’t always possible but a good florist will be able to show visual examples of seasonal flowers they have used in displays throughout the year.”

What happens at the first consultation and after?
“At the first consultation, the florist should be given as much relevant information about the floral requirements as possible – likes, dislikes, essential displays, size of wedding party, number of tables, location(s), colour scheme, budget, etc.

“An initial proposal can then be drafted with visuals and prices for the couple to review. If they are happy and decide to proceed, a deposit is usually paid, further meetings may be set up with the venue(s) and sample displays may be prepared for final sign off.”

Are you planning for a winter wedding? How did you choose your wedding bouquets and flowers? We would love to here from you.