Wedding trends 2015

Photo Credit: Walesonline

Photo Credit: Walesonline

If you are planning any event, more often than not you go with the trends that are predicted for that year.

And Lisa Walsh shares with us 5 wedding trends for this year.

Wedding trends 2015: 20 stunning gowns for fashion forward Welsh brides

1. Off-the-shoulder necklines
Ultra romantic and timeless, off-the-shoulder dresses were the hottest new necklines of the 2015 runways. Some designers gave the look a modern update with a sleek silhouette, and thick straps, but there were plenty with a princess feel.
2. Romantic lace and overcoats
Whether it’s sheer illusion or a sweeping, overcoat cape, lace makes for an ultra-romantic vibe.
3. Metallic colour
Mixed metallics look fantastic on modern brides and gives options for every accessory, including flowers and capes encrusted with precious metals. In fashion, vibrant colours, wedge sandals and retro motifs are all making a comeback along with vintage 70s metallic dresses.
4. Tulle Skirts
Skirts with pretty overlays and separate skirt/top combos will be loved by 2015 brides and bridesmaids. The most creative dresses boast convertible skirts mixed up with patterned tops and a bit of colour.
5. Beautiful belts
Grey or silver belts work beautifully alongside blush pinks and cool mints and are a stunning addition to buttonholes. Belts and sashes can add a touch of sparkle and colour to a plain dress.