Wedding Crèches

a cheeky bridesmaidWhen it is your wedding you want your guests to be able to relax and thoroughly enjoy themselves, sharing in your special day with you. However for parents of small children, weddings are often viewed with apprehension and dread as they worry about getting through an entire formal day with a fractious child.

Keeping the Kids Entertained at the Wedding Reception

Imagine being stuffed into an uncomfortable wedding outfit, told to keep quiet and sit still throughout the service and then have to smile and look cute for the photos before attending the wedding breakfast for more sitting still, being quiet, listening to a load of boring speeches and not daring to eat for fear of spilling it over your pristine clothes.

Little wonder then that even the most angelic of children get restless and whiney at some point in the day. And of course parents are constantly on edge and under pressure, trying to keep kids entertained so that they don’t run amok or annoy other guests. After all, no-one wants the wedding to be remembered for howling throughout the service, interrupted speeches and temper tantrums do they?

So how can you ensure that children feel included in the special day whilst keeping them entertained and happy and therefore helping parents feel relaxed and chilled? Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a mobile crèche to cater for all your littlest guests? Well that’s the idea behind the many wedding crèche services being offered across the UK.

Mobile Crèches

All you need is an empty room or separate marquee and the wedding crèche will provide the rest. You can book mobile wedding crèches to cover all or part of the day, so you could hire them to keep children happy throughout the formal parts of the day such as the service, photos and wedding breakfast and have them returned for the reception, or you could hire the crèche for the full day, perhaps having the children returned to be included on the photos. It’s entirely up to you as most of these crèches are completely flexible.

And it needn’t cost the earth either. Guests can be asked for a small contribution towards using the crèche which most certainly wouldn’t mind paying if it means that they can relax knowing that their children are being well cared for and entertained. Some mobile crèches even allow parents to decide on the day whether they want to take advantage of the service or not.

Here are a few facts about wedding crèche services:

  • All staff are CRB checked
  • They are generally designed from birth up to around 12 years of age
  • Most crèches have flexible bookings ranging from around 2 hours to a full day
  • All you need to provide is a spare room or marquee and the children!

It’s the perfect solution for both kids and parents and means that your wedding guests will better be able to share in your special day and the kids have just as much fun as the grown-ups, which is only fair right?

Wedding Crèche Services

To find out more about hiring a mobile wedding crèche visit some of the sites below:

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