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Winter weddings is one of the most favored wedding seasons. With the magical and picturesque feel it gives, it is also one of our favorite seasons.

Todich Floral Design puts on a dazzling display of winter wedding and decorating theme ideas that are sure to top the list of winter wedding trends this year.

Todich Floral Design Reveals Top 10 Winter Wedding Trends: 2014-2015

1. Flamboyant flash and contrasts. Keep the venue balanced with what’s refined and a touch of the exotic, adding crystals and rhinestones on tables, pearls, candles and tiered contemporary glass table centrepieces, as well as some of the brightest, lavish blossoms in winter wedding flowers.

2. Vintage wedding theme trends for 2015.

3. Back to Traditional. A style that never goes out of style, elegance that speaks quietly, but the bride and groom and all who are in attendance can appreciate for its intimate and simple beauty.

4. Bridesmaid trends for 2015. This winter is trending some beautiful contrasts and smooth palettes between bridesmaid dresses and bouquets.

5. Winter wedding flowers. Winter bouquets themselves can be mixed and muted, combining pale pink long stemmed roses, peach peonies, golden wheat and Queen Anne’s lace.

6. Rustic wedding décor trends for 2015. These weddings are reminiscent of the countryside and bucolic beauty, wonder of nature.

7. Wedding invitations that say winter. When it comes to wedding invitations many couples opt for neat calligraphy, simple contrasts and light palettes (lavender, powder blue, beige and tan) for a look that remains demure, yet is also enticing.

8. Complement the Winter Season. It is absolutely possible to make a winter wonderland wedding on a budget.

9. Intimate wedding decorations. Place settings are a great opportunity to build a sense of warmth and intimacy between guests as they celebrate the bride and grooms’ special day.

10. Wedding trends 2015 color that exudes wonder, joy, delight. White and lighter, delicate colours evoke the sense and wonder of winter. Pastels peach, light mint, lavender and power blue are light accents for bouquets, wedding gowns and bridesmaid attire alike.

Are you planning your wedding? Considered having a winter wedding? We would love to hear from you.