Strange Wedding Requests

Photo Caption: Female First

Photo Caption: Female First

Attending a wedding is one of our buy pharmacy business canada most favorite event to attend to. To see the bride and is viagra a stimulant groom exchange their vows and proclaim their love for each other really warms our heart.

But weddings only not bring smiles on our faces and happiness in our hearts. They also tend to bring up some strange requests. Lucy Walton listed some of the strangest wedding requests they have come upon on.

Top 10 strangest pre-wedding requests

  1. Lend trousers to the best man because he had left his at home.
  2. Helping the best man write and rehearse his speech.
  3. Change the lobby into a hairdressers so guests could get their hair done after viagra email spam example they missed their appointment at the salon.
  4. Teaching the groom their wedding dance in the lobby the night before.
  5. Taking the bride and groom to the venue in a staff member’s Ferrari.

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