Jaw Dropping Wedding Cake Trends of 2015

Wedding cakes is one essential detail that wedding couples also put their minds on when planning a wedding. Incorporating the design to the wedding theme and making it different can be a taxing one.

Usually, when I go to a wedding, aside from the wedding gown, I am looking out for the wedding cake. Sorry, the baker in me is always on the look out for that.

And Laura House, have listed some of the jaw dropping wedding cakes that has been dominating the wedding scene of 2015.

Cakes that hang from the ceiling, light up, and hand-painted masterpieces: The jaw-dropping wedding cake trends for 2015.


Rosette ruffles, lace and beading are a popular wedding cake addition, as they replicate the style of a bride’s wedding gown.

‘Layering embellishments used particularly on cakes inspired by wedding gowns by designers like Steven Khalil, J’Aton couture and Leah Da Gloria,’ Ms Cayhill said.  

The decorations are often paired with a bold colour or featured peony for a modern twist.


Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK


These lantern like and chandelier-esque cakes are a favourite among 2015 brides, working perfectly as an added decoration as a centerpiece for a garden ceremony or a lavish bedazzled feature for the larger wedding. 

‘The gravity defying design is playful and fun and designed to be part of the magic and drama of the evening,’ Ms Cayhill said. 

‘The Chandelier cake is made to be Instagrammed.’

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK



Why have one cake when you can have many? 

A variety of cakes allow guests a selection of flavours, as well as looking impressive, with brides often choosing to create cupcake versions of their wedding cake for all guests. 

This option is pricey however, with cakes with three tiers costing up to $1,500.  

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK


Naked and rustic cakes are one of the biggest trends in 2015, and are perfect for less formal weddings and a winner for for couples who choose to serve wedding cake as their main dessert.

‘This style allows for flavour combinations that may not be possible in fondant cakes- fresh fruits, soft fillings, cream cheese and toffee and when tastebuds are the number one priority,’ Ms Cayhill said.


Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK


Sparkling wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular, with many brides choosing their cakes to be dressed with an array of diamonds, glitter and tiny sequins making a glimmering statement.

Sparkling features can be used as the feature of a simple cake, or as an addition to a more elaborate creation. 

Cake designer Santhiago Garcia told Daily Mail Australia that ‘sometimes the most simple designs can be the most striking.’

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK


Many brides are choosing to fore-go the traditional cake in favour of French-inspired desserts like macaroon towers and croquembouches.

‘These are popular as the centrepiece to a dessert table,’ Ms Cayhill said. 

‘Many brides also choose this style for their kitchen tea or bridal shower and then a sleeker fondant design for the wedding.’



These floral features are not a new concept, but they have become increasingly intricate and have expanded to include new shapes and branch-like blooms.

‘A dramatic sweep of sugar flowers over the cake makes a strong statement while still being classic and pretty,’ Ms Cayhill said. 

‘Often we use a single flower or small arrangement but we also see brides who just adore sugar flowers and make them the main design feature.’ 

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK


Wedding cakes have become the newest form of canvas, with water-coloured and hand-painted cakes one of the biggest trends of 2015. 

‘Hand painting always looks impressive and has the ‘how did they do that?’ factor,’ Ms Cayhill said.

‘It can also be a neat way to tie in the wedding invitation or a favourite motif.’

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK

What of other types of wedding cakes have you been seeing on weddings so far?