Best Wedding Apps

Wedding HappyIn these times, where almost every person has a phone or tablet that is always connected on the go, it is always easy to plan any event with the help of applications. You just need to install these applications on your device, and you are almost good to go.

Planning a wedding is no exception. There are applications which are available on almost all types of platform which can help you plan for you big day. And we have listed some of them for you to check out yourself.

Wedding Happy

Wedding Happy is super simple to get up and running. Right after you enter your anticipated wedding date, it creates a customized to-do list for you to work through, with a dashboard overview available at all times. It does not need to use network connection like WIFI or 3G for it to run. It’s ‘Export & Email’ feature lets you send your schedule and vendor information to everyone who needs to know. Integrating it with Facebook and Twitter is also another feature so it is really a must have.

Wedding Budget

One of the biggest challenges faced by anyone who plans for a wedding is keeping within budget. This app is a great help, allowing you to keep track of expenses and giving you a clear view of your budget status. Adjusting the budget of each wedding component as planning goes along is easy too. Used from the beginning of your planning, this app puts you in control and may well save you a lot of stress too.


There are a growing number of wedding snap-collating apps and this is one of the slickest out there. The app lets you collect all your guests’ photos and videos in one private location. You sign up and get given a wedding ID which you share, so that guests can login and all the photos and videos taken on the big day will go into it. The happy couple can then view the photos in real time and you can all comment on them, as well as sharing the best on social. There are filters to apply if anyone’s not looking their best. Even non tech-savvy relatives can use it, as long as they have access to a smartphone on the day.


If you aren’t already a keen pinner, where have you been? Pinterest is absolutely brilliant for brides to be. Whether you’re deliberating over dresses or collecting ideas for floral arrangements, there are seemingly endless images to inspire you. Why not create your own mood boards and invite your bridesmaids to collaborate with you? As there are millions of people pinning as you read this you’ll discover this is a much faster way of discovering gorgeous images and products you’re your average search engine – you’ll be hooked.

Wedding Countdown

Time flies when you’re planning a wedding, so it pays to keep track of it. While lots of wedding apps have an integrated wedding day countdown, none are as easily accessible as Wedding Countdown – which does just this one task, but does it well. Choose to countdown in any combination of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, or heartbeats and kisses if you like the cringe factor. We like that you can personalize the countdown with your favorite photos and songs that you have stored in you phone. You can keep the app after your big day and track your anniversaries too.


Another detail you need to plan is for the honeymoon. And TripIt is the app that can help you with that. This app lets you have all your plans in one place and cleverly takes all your trip details and creates one truly helpful itinerary that’s stored on your iPhone or iPad, sync’d with your calendar.



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