Hiring a Magician for your Wedding

Card trickWedding magicians are becoming increasingly popular with magic seeing a resurgence recently on prime-time television. Forget the tuxedo or top hat and tails, and instead think, smart, professional and modern. Magic is a live, interactive and engaging form of entertainment.

Magicians are extremely useful at weddings, and they bring a unique experience which doesn’t happen every day. You don’t get married every day either!

Most people have never thought about hiring a magician, and you will probably only ever seen a few live magicians, however let me start by saying that a magician at a wedding is a great idea, and that’s not because I perform magic at weddings. It’s because it’s true!

As well as entertaining you, showing you the impossible and making you laugh, the magician’s job is to interact and build relationships with their audience and between the other members of the audience. At a wedding there are often friends and family from both sides who have not yet been introduced. I am there to help break the ice, to allow people to start talking over a common experience, “Did you see when he…?!”

Weddings are a long day, and there are several points where the pace of the day dips slightly. As a wedding magician I can help keep the energy up for those who might be tired. I also try to keep the mischievous ones out of trouble.

Personally, I see magic as a gift, a thank you from you to your guests. During your wedding day you will be busy trying to talk to everyone, so why not let me do the hard work of entertaining your guests, while you relax and enjoy spending time with them.

So you’ve decided to hire a wedding magician. How do you go about it?

As with any other service you can employ there is a range in quality. Many magicians are amateurs, who are happy to only take a few bookings from friends and family. This is fine, and I have no problem with these people.

However, there are also amateur magicians (and I use that term lightly) who within a month of finding a magic book, have already set up a website, proclaimed themself as a professional, and set their fees at £500 an hour, although in fact they will perform for a lot less if you ask nicely. The problem is that any price for this type of performer is still poor value. It’s your special day, insist on quality, for everything.

The best way to avoid being ripped off is to look for a magician with a few key signs of success. Does their website look professional, and does it contain useful information?

I am interested in website design so I actually made my site myself, and have helped fellow magicians with their site. However my site has plenty of pages of information, inlcuding wedding magic. I also write a regularly updated blog of where I have recently performed magic. I hope you think it looks professional and easy to navigate.

Do they have testimonials, photos, videos?

If you click through to my website, you will find a testimonials page and a photo gallery of me performing at a variety of events, including weddings. My videos can be found by clicking the youtube link. If their website has basic comments like, “wow!” and “he’s the best!” or if they only have a few testimonials from charity events, then be weary. A video helps you to see their style.

I also have a page where you can see the events I’m performing at that are open to the public, such as in restaurants. Alternatively if you are local I am happy to meet with you to show you a short demonstration.

Are they a full time professional magician?

As a full time professional magician, I depend on magic as my only source of income. If I’m no good, then I lose business, and I can’t pay my bills. With another job, there is less pressure to improve. I am constantly working to improve my performances so that you’re event can the best it can be.

Are they a Member of the Magic Circle?

You can ignore local magic clubs, and local magic circles. They may have an informal entry audition but most societies are just social clubs, for fans of magic and amateurs. You can also ignore the IBM or International Brotherhood of Magicians. This is an international organisation, but it’s as easy to join as filling in a form.

The Magic Circle, London, however is the most prestigious magic society in the UK if not the world. There are three levels of membership, and the intensive interview and audition process usually takes over six months.

What do they sound like on the phone?

Try to think up some questions to ask them. Have they performed at events similar to yours? What other wedding venues have they worked at? If they are a professional they should be able to answer these questions effortlessly.

Ed Sumner - Wedding MagicianStill interested in hiring a wedding magician? You should be! Magic is elegant, classy and popular with any age. My particular style is upbeat and enthusiastic – people love to laugh, and I love to make them laugh. I am Ed Sumner, an experienced professional wedding magician and Member of the Magic Circle. You can find out more about me, about my magic and can secure your booking by calling me on 07792 129 828 or by visiting my website at www.edsumner.com

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