Entertaining the Wedding Guests

Wedding table trivia quiz cardsWe’ve all been wedding guests at some point and we’ve all been in those situations where you are sat at a table with people you barely know and the small talk has all run out. You desperately scan the room for a welcome distraction but there is none, just other people with the same glazed look in their eyes that you have.

Ok, that may not be the case for all wedding guests at all weddings but as we’ve all been there at some point we can safely presume that it’s a fairly common feeling. However your wedding can be different with one of these highly entertaining choices that will not only prove a welcome distraction but will also ensure that your guests all have a whale of a time!

Wedding guest entertainment is a great idea for breaking the social ice and keeping everyone of all ages happy so that they’re all in a party mood by the time they hit the reception dance floor!

Photo Booths

Forget the old style passport photo booths which made you look like one of the suspects from Crimewatch; these jazzy photo booths can be tailored to your requirements with different graphics and backgrounds to choose from plus a whole host of other special features. These will certainly add some comedy moments to your wedding album and memorable mementoes for guests!Wedding reception photo boothMore information at Booth Nation or Say Fromage.

Table Tasks

There can be no hiding in the corner with this next idea to keep wedding guests entertained! Table Tasks takes an old formula and gives it a thoroughly modern shake-up in an effort to get each one of your guests participating in the fun! Every guest is given a task or question suited to their own personalities and characters; so for Great Aunt Bessie the question could be “tell us one habit the bride had as a child” whereas for Dave, who’s always game for a laugh, the task would be to sing a recent pop song in the style of punk rock. These tasks have guests rolling in their seats with laughter and are a great way to break down barriers and bring everyone together!

wedding guest playing an ice-breaking guessing game

Get your unique game from Table Tasks.

Air Display

What can be more romantic and breathtaking than having your own private fly-by from the Red Arrows? Well we can’t deliver the Red Arrows unfortunately but you can get the next best thing from The Blades! Each pilot is a former Red Arrows pilot and so are capable of doing some stunning displays! They can do any formation you wish, from a huge love heart to some more classical stunts and manoeuvres. Brilliant for that WOW factor from guests!

A heart in the sky formed by the blades air display team

For more information and to chat about your requirements go to The Blades website.

Fire Dancers

Now for some hot action on your wedding day – fiery hot even! Dazzle and astound your guests by booking some professional fire dancers to add a little spice to the day! These freestyle fire dancers have performed all over the world at some prestigious events including Formula One and now they can perform just for you! They will have guests talking about your wedding entertainment for years after the event and will prove a hot sensation with everyone present!

dancing with fire

More information – Free Style Fire Dancers

Wedding Magicians

Make your magical day even more spectacular by adding just a hatful more magic with your own personal magician to entertain the wedding guests. A little magic can be conjured up to keep guests happy whilst photos are being taken, or as entertainment for the wedding breakfast or reception. Guests will be left bemused and astonished the magical show on offer!

Rob Jones - Wedding Magician

Rob James Wedding Magician was named as the UK’s top wedding magician by For The Bride magazine in 2004, so why not make him your top wedding magician?

Wedding Casinos

Why not have a bit of a flutter on your wedding day as the casino comes to you in a move that will delight all those gambling guests! You can now hire a casino for your wedding and have friends and family battling it out on the roulette wheel or trying out their best poker faces! And you don’t have to worry about losing your shirt as this betting attraction is for fun only, although you can give prizes out at the end for perhaps the biggest loser or the best cheat! We’ll put bets on wedding casino hire being a huge hit with your guests!

a private casino at the wedding reception

More information – Wedding Casino Hire.


There is a side of you that even the best wedding photos simply can’t capture, but that a caricaturist can! Have guests in stitches as a sketch artist goes around the tables offering to draw caricature portraits of your friends and family that they can then take home with them as a lasting reminder of the wedding. You might even get your own unique bride and groom caricature to take pride of place in your home! We reckon you’ll be drawn to this one.

A Caricature Sketch of teh Bridesmaid

More information – Mr Sketchum

Here are a few more cheap ways of entertaining the wedding guests:

  • A disposable camera on each table (great for alternative wedding pictures!)
  • Crackers (not just for Christmas!)
  • Pub Type Quiz Questions (with a bottle of wine as a prize).
  • Modelling balloon packs.


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