Pantone Colours 2013


With the New Year comes Pantone’s spring/summer colours forecast for 2013. Pantone are the fashion industry’s go-to for colour due to their innovative colour system that allows for true colour selection based on the 2,100 cotton or paper format choices available to the fashion and furniture industry. Pantone produce two colour reports for the fashion industry a year, broken down into spring/summer and autumn/winter, predicting the colours that will dominate the fashion and furniture industry for that season.

2013’s fashion colour predictions feature a range of novel neutrals, including a lovely dusk blue. Blue might not be the first colour that springs to mind when you think of neutral, but nature provides us with a beautiful changeable blue background every time the sun shines, and is a great way to bring a calm, soft colour in to your wedding. Greyed Jade is another coloured neutral, a soft green that’s perfect for spring and summer wedding themes. Linen is the third neutral highlighted by Pantone, a nude-like colour that invokes diaphanous dresses that move gently in a soft breeze. Neutrals are great for anyone wanting a calm and serene colour scheme to their wedding.

Alternatively, if bold is your thing then Pantone’s range of brighter, bolder colours will be right up your alley. Emerald is tipped to be the colour of 2013, and with its rich shades of green it’s easy to see why. Vivid, bright and a fantastic base for the rest of the colours picked by Pantone, Emerald is already making waves in the fashion industry. African Violet, with its origins in floral colours, brings images of the exotic with it, brightening up the colour palette nicely, working surprisingly well with several of the other colours highlighted. Nectarine is a bright orange, again based in nature, with a warm tone that complements many skin tones and complexions.Pantone's Poppy Red

If you’re after something bolder still, Poppy Red could be what you’re looking for. Add bright pops of colour with this vibrant shade of red; give in to the exuberance this colour brings to mind. Lemon Zest offers a similar feel without being quite so eye-catching, still bright and zesty, it’s a fantastic yellow for a spring wedding.

Incorporating this season’s colours into your wedding scheme is a great way to get an up-to-date vibe for your big day, with bright, vibrant colours straight out of nature to help make your day special. With this season’s colours already hitting the market, finding items in your selected colour scheme won’t be difficult, giving you a wedding that’s bang on trend. Now all you have to do is pick one from all the gorgeous colours predicted!


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