Vintage Ideas on a Shoestring

Everyone knows that planning a wedding in today’s economy can cost thousands. Whole areas of industry are devoted to getting you to spend your money on their products by selling the concept that paying people to produce every aspect of your wedding is the only way to make it perfect. But by doing and organising as much as you can yourself you can help reduce the ever-increasing costs and have a creative and practical impact on your wedding. And, for those with a strong passion for the environment, you can even re-use or reversion previously loved items to give your wedding a statement feel.

Vintage is the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of something old in your special day, and I’m not just suggesting you buy a second hand wedding dress in order to have your vintage wedding day. There are so many other ways of incorporating vintage into your wedding whilst reducing costs.

Make your own vintage wedding bunting

Here's a handy guide to making your own vintage wedding bunting from

If you’re feeling creative and have a stick of fabric glue then make yourself some vintage-style bunting. Haunt your local charity shops for any items of clothing that are made from vintage or vintage look-alike fabrics and fit the colour scheme you’ve chosen, the larger the better as you’ll be able to make more flags out of each piece. Make yourself a triangle template from card and simply cut out as many flags as you require with pinking shears to save the need to hem. Glue them to a length of bias tape, available from any haberdashery, and string up your lovely new decorations.

Vintage style tea cups and saucers

Vintage style crockery is readily available to hire like this set from Elegant Wedding Creations

Your wedding meal can be dressed up with vintage crockery and the cost can be comparative to, or cheaper than, hiring in from caterers. It’s amazing what your local charity shops hold, and most are happy to give you a call when items come in that match your requirements if you explain the situation. It’s also worth checking out any flea markets or car boot sales in your area, the wider you can cast your net, the better your catch will be. Buy as many plates and bowls as needed, the more they mismatch the better, just make sure the overall colour scheme fits that of your wedding. If you’re feeling particularly old fashioned, pick up some cups and saucers as well; even if you’re not offering hot drinks, using cups and saucers for all beverages on offer gives your guests a fun and unique experience.

Second hand linens, doilies and napkins can also change the look of your meal to something a bit more vintagey. eBay has some amazing Irish Linens available, all reasonably priced. And once your wedding day is over you can either resell them or re-fashion them into something new for your home.

Felt heart wedding favours

Make your own heart favours from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Wedding favours can be put together with a minimum amount of cost and a little bit of effort. Use the scraps of fabric from your bunting to make purses, lavender hearts or even an old fashioned tie. Tutorials abound on the internet and are available for the newbie crafter to the seasoned die-hard. Collect inspiration and get creating. Your vintage ideas are only limited by your imagination.

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