Couples Choosing Longer Adventure Honeymoons

An alternative honeymmon adventureThe Daily Mail this week reported that young married couples are now saving up their holiday entitlements to take 4 week breaks, prompting the Mail to dub it a Honeymonth.

Honeymooners are ditching the traditional week in Western Europe to fly somewhere altogether more exotic such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam and rather than lounge around on the beach sipping sangrias, the adventurous couples are more likely to be seen scuba diving and windsurfing.

Just 20 years ago the picture couldn’t have been more different, with couples averaging a week and a half for their honeymoons and spending less than £600. We may be hit by the recession but that hasn’t stopped couples spending an average of £4,113 on their honeymoons today.

So how are they managing to save up that kind of money? Well many holiday companies now accept gift vouchers and with more couples living together before they get married, it makes sense for them to ask for holiday vouchers or cash gifts instead of toasters.

Indeed what better way to celebrate a new marriage than with a holiday of a lifetime! And with safer and cheaper travel, there are many more opportunities open to couples who are ditching traditional honeymoon ideas in favour of adventure honeymoons.

So just what kind of honeymoon can you get for £4k these days? Well two people could experience the tropical island paradise that is Sri Lanka for 15 days, soaking in the rich and diverse wildlife from the comfort of their 5 star hotel overlooking the Indian Ocean. Sounds good to me!

Other adventure honeymoon ideas include a safari and cultural tour of Tanzania, a rainforest tour in Borneo, a Red Sea diving holiday and a Lapland winter adventure holiday. Magical experiences like these beat a weekend in Blackpool any day!

That’s another thing that will have changed from 20 years ago – more interesting photos!

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