Picking Up Your Wedding Dress From Etsy

Photo Credits: Etsy

Photo Credits: Etsy

Picking up your wedding dress would be the most crucial task for the bride-to-be. Every bride-to-be may need to fit about a hundred wedding dress before they can say this is the one.

And for some that is going out of the traditional way of ordering and having their wedding dress couture, Etsy is fast becoming a go to place.

Etsy offers quite a range of beautifully made wedding gowns with about any theme you can think off. Sara Mccorquodale listed some of the tips you can have in mind when ordering your gown from Etsy.

Etsy Wedding Dresses: 10 Beautiful Designs For Your Big Day

The thought of ordering perhaps the most important dress of your life online can make many brides slightly anxious, but this needn’t be a stress. To put your mind at ease, follow the three following tips to ensure your Etsy wedding dress shopping experience is without sleepless nights…

1. Email the Etsy boutique owner. Most will be happy to answer any questions you have about a certain design and send pictures of samples from every possible angle. Also, they’re usually quick to respond. Get the basic information out of the way in your first email and then decide whether to commit: tell them when your wedding is and find out if they can get your preferred dress to you on time. In addition – if it doesn’t say in the description – ask what materials the dress is made from. You don’t want a sateen surprise.

2. Get measured by a professional. Some Etsy boutique owners will require you to email your measurements, so make sure you ask someone who really knows their way around a measuring tape to help you get those. Alternatively, if the designer delivers their dresses in size 10, 12, etc, ask them to send the details of how they measure that. For example, by their standards, what is a size 10 waist?

3. Organise a tailor to fit your dress once it arrives. Most high street boutiques will offer an alteration service close the date of your big day to ensure your wedding dress fits perfectly. However, if you get your dress from Etsy, you’ll probably need to find an independent tailor. Go for one close to home so your not transporting that precious garment all over the place – much less stressful.