Four Weddings And A Funeral Facts You Didn’t Know About

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Some of my friends get their wedding ideas by watching movies with weddings on them. It makes it easier for them to visuallize some details on their wedding much faster and convenient.

And we are also seeing more and more of classic movies celebrating their 10th, 20th or 30th year since release. And Ben Arnold provided some facts we do not know about one movie who took on love, marriage and Britishness in one go. We are talking about Four Weddings And A Funeral of course. Read on the facts and enjoy.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Four Weddings And A Funeral

Conservative MP Amber Rudd is listed as the ‘Aristocracy Co-ordinator’ of the film, having recruited many of the extras, including the Earl of Burlington and Simon Marquis, 3rd Earl of Woolton.

Director Mike Newell’s budget for the film was so small that the extras had to bring their own wedding clothes, and the Scottish wedding wasn’t filmed in Scotland. It was largely shot in London and the Home Counties.

The whole film was shot in just 35 days.

According to writer Richard Curtis, Hugh Grant was the 72nd person to audition for the role of blundering lonely-heart Charles.

Grant’s audition consisted of him playing a tape of the best man’s speech that he gave at his brother’s wedding.

Rather than the film’s eventual stars Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell, ‘Four Weddings’ was originally set to star Alan Rickman as Charles and Marisa Tomei as Carrie.

Marisa Tomei was offered the role but turned it down, saying: “My grandfather was sick at the time, and I didn’t want to leave (New York). I’m sure it would have been fine with him, but I felt like I didn’t want to go anywhere.” She has added that she always regretted turning the part down.

Both Melanie Griffith and Brooke Shields were also offered the role of Carrie, but turned it down.

Jeanne Tripplehorn was then cast, but had to pull out after her mother died just prior to the commencement of filming

It was while in the UK doing press for ‘Groundhog Day’ that Andie McDowell heard that the production was urgently seeking a replacement for Tripplehorn. She read the script and arranged a meeting.

While Grant was paid a reported £35,000 for his part, Andie McDowell took percentage points of the profits instead. It’s said she earned in excess of £1 million, more than a quarter of the film’s budget.

Hugh Grant had to learn sign language for real for his scenes with deaf actor David Bower, who played his brother in the film.

Paul Stacey, the guy from the terrible folk duo, was the engineer on the Oasis albums ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’ and ‘Heathen Chemistry’, as well as playing bass and keys on some tracks.

Kristin Scott Thomas dubbed her own voice on the French version of the film.

Writer Richard Curtis was inspired to pen the script after flicking through old diaries, in which he counted up he’d been to 72 weddings in 10 years.

It was also inspired by one particular wedding where Curtis met a girl who wanted to spend the night with him. He turned her down, but consequently regretted it.

Up to 1999, ‘Four Weddings’ was the most successful British film of all time, with a box office haul of $260 million (£154 million).

The film was the first British effort ever to win a Cesar, the French equivalent of the Oscar. It scooped Best Foreign Film and Best Original Screenplay.

Hugh Grant was upstaged considerably at the film’s premiere (see above), when his then girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley turned up in a Versace outfit held together by pins. It was thereafter referred to as ‘that dress’. The film – or at least its premiere – launched the model’s career.

At its premiere in Salt Lake City, the film’s infamously rude opening, in which the word ‘f***’ is repeatedly uttered, caused many members of the staunchly Mormon city council to walk out.