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Fabulous wedding cakes made to order and delivered to your door or to collect from your nearest Waitrose store.

Wedding Cake

You’ll probably already know that Waitrose are one of the UK’s leading grocery chains with a reputation for offering quality food and wine but you may not know that they also offer an on-line prepared food ordering service for parties and occasions called Waitrose Entertaining. Not only do they offer a wide range of party and buffet foods including sandwiches, canapés and deserts but also a range of wedding cakes and wedding favours.

Choosing and ordering your wedding cake couldn’t be easier – simply log on to the Waitrose Entertaining website and select Wedding Cakes from the menu at the top of the page – then browse the options on offer.

There are a number of contemporary, vintage and traditional cake designs to choose from, you also have the option of choosing colours, number of tiers and, in some cases, whether you’d like a sponge cake or fruit cake. There are also a selection of favours available including fairy cakes and biscuit favours.

A rich fruit wedding cake covered with almond paste and soft ivory icing.

Sugar Flower Wedding Cake – A traditional rich fruit cake covered with almond paste and soft ivory icing. Each tier is decorated with delicately piped scrolls set between 2 silver ribbons and finished with sugar paste roses and a lily. Available as a small single layer or large 3 tier cake from £62 to £285

A tiered wedding cake made from sponge fingers and luxury white chocolate

White Chocolate Wedding Cake – A three tier vanilla sponge cake filled with white chocolate ganache and raspberry jam, covered with almond paste and soft ivory icing, and finished on top with thick white chocolate curls, ready for you to decorate in your own style. £225 or £259 for a finished cake.

A three tier rich fruit cake covered with marzipan decorated with coloured sugar petals

Rose Petal Wedding Cake – A three tier rich fruit cake covered with marzipan and soft icing. The cake is decorated on top with delicately shimmering handmade sugar-paste roses with cascading petals in white, cream and ivory on the sides. Also available in Vanilla Sponge, or Mixed Sponge. £295 to £315

Wedding cake with white icing finished with sugar roses, trailing leaves and a white butterfly and a

Rose & Butterfly Wedding Cake – A rich fruit cake covered with almond paste and soft white icing – decorated with white sugar roses and trailing green leaves. Each tier is also decorated with a sugar butterfly. From £233 to £259

Moist chocolate tiered sponge cake decorating with a gold ribbon

Chocolate lovers will appreciate this cake which is made with layers of moist sponge and ganache (a wickedly rich blend of fresh cream and chocolate)  and finished with a fudge icing. This 2 tier example serves between 55 and 65 people depending on how you cut it – although I doubt I could be so generous with such a lovely cake as this? You can buy this cake in a range of sizes from a single  for 15 people up to a 3 tier option which will cater for up to 95. From £49 to £239

Modern design four tiered cake with polka dots and roses decoration

Another example from their contemporary range this Polka Dots & Roses Wedding Cake is a 4 tier combination of chocolate sponge and fruit cake covered in ivory and cream coloured icing available in a range of sizes from £319 to £335. There is also a pink and white version if you prefer.

Romantic carousel cake with cupcakes

For a vintage themed wedding you can’t beat this Fairytal Carousel by Fiona Cairns with a classic iced sponge cake and complimented with 42 traditional fairy cakes. Or there is a 3 tier option available with sponge or fruit cake and elegantly decorated with antique style sugar roses. If the name sounds familiar Fiona Cairns is the lady responsible for the Royal wedding cake.

Traditional tiered wedding cake with rose petals between each layer

This simple Soft Iced Wedding Cake is covered with almond paste and finished with soft white icing. You can buy this cake as a single, two or three tier option and choose whether you want a fruit cake or sponge. From £99 to £166 (the roses are not included btw  – but it’s simple and effective decoration idea you can easily add yourself). 

Individual fruit cake made for cutting into slices

Now just becaue you have a lot of guests it doesn’t maean you have to break your budget where the cake is concerned. This rich fruit cake can easily be sliced into 12 individual servings and is made by Fiona Cairns so nobody can accuse you of being a cheapskate. Buy a single cake or as many as you need to cover the guest list – at £25 it works out at just over £2 a serving and if you have a lot of guest then it could add up to quite a saving.

Vintage Fairytale Fairy Cakes

Waitrose also offer a small range of edible favour ideas including these delicious Vintage Fairytale Fairy Cakes by Fiona Cairns. Each cake is beautifully finished with soft coloured icing and a sugarpaste decoration. £22 for 12

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