Wedding Cakes from M&S

There are many wonderful and creative designs of cake to choose from these days both from traditional confectioners and from the many specialists who are devoted to creating unique and bespoke wedding cake designs. While these cakes can certainly look spectacular the cost has always been rather prohibitive. Prices can average around the £600 mark and prices of over £1,000 are not unusual.

Wedding Cakes – Order On-line & Collect In-store

M & S offer a solution to the increasing cost of having a specially made cake for your wedding with cakes available in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate up to 198 guests and costing around £200.  You can choose from a fabulous selection of modern and traditional cakes in a variety of sizes and combinations and all cakes are made to order so you are assured of freshness and quality . Marks & Spencer offer a choice of 3 cake types- Fruit Cake, Sponge Cake or Chocolate Cake. Your chosen cake is then made to order and can be collected in-store from your local M&S. Many of the cakes come already decorated but you can easily create a customised design by adding fresh fruit, chocolates or flowers as illustrated below.

Traditional round cake with white or ivory icing Sophisticated tiered wedding cake in white or ivory
 Traditional round wedding cake covered in marzipan and finished in white or ivory soft icing.  Romantic Pearl Cake – A sophisticated design with iced pearl detailing in white or ivory.
 Wedding cake with white chocolate covering and delicate chocolate roses  Wedding cake covered in soft chocolate
 White Chocolate Rose Cake – a 3 tiered cake covered in soft white chocolate with white icing roses.  Classic Chocolate Rose Cake – a 3 tiered cake covered in soft milk chocolate icing and cascading roses.
 Two tier wedding cake with purple flower decoration  Two tier iced fruit cake with pearl detailing
 Purple Flower Sponge Cake – a stunning square 2 tier cake finished with royal icing with flowers and stems decoration.  2 Tier Pearl Sponge Cake with square design and off-set top tier with delicate white icing finish.
 four tier chocolate cake is smothered in chocolate ganache  four-tiered chocolate wedding cake
 White Chocolate Ribbons Wedding Cake – a luxury 4 tiered cake covered in ganache and finished with ribbons of white chocolate.  White Chocolate Curls Cake – a stunning 4 tiered cake finished with white and milk chocolate curls and topped with ganache and  sprinkles.
 Delicious and indulgent chocolate cake decorated with white chocolate ganache  cake decorated with milk chocolate ganache
White Chocolate Ganache Cake – a fabulously indulgent  wedding caked smothered with white chocolate ganache.  Milk Chocolate Ganache Cake – the same cake but this time with a milk chocolate ganache covering.
 cake inspired by a summer meadow full of flowers and butterflies  Simple and stylish white wedding cake
 4 Tier Meadow Cake – a delightful cake is inspired by a summer meadow full of flowers and butterflies.  3 Tier Elegant Chocolate Wedding Cake – a simple but stylish 3 or 4 tiered square wedding cake finished in white icing.
 Three-tier set of cakes available in chocolate, fruit or all-butter sponge, or as a combination of all three.  black and ivory cake finished with delicate flower stencils and monochrome ribbons
 Button Wedding Fruit Cake – a round 3 tiered cake with a modern button style icing finish.  Black & Ivory Stencil Sponge Cake – a super stylish cake with flower stencils and monochrome ribbons.

How to Order Your Cake

Simply choose the style of and cake you want then order on-line and collect at your nearest Marks & Spencer store. Most cakes will be ready in around 21 days. For a tiered cake you’ll need to order boards and dowels, or buy separately from elsewhere. When ready – your cake will remain fresh to eat for 5 days after collection or up to 14 days for fruit cakes.

**The flowers and fruit are for illustration only and not included with your cake

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