Jaw Dropping Wedding Cake Trends of 2015

Wedding cakes is one essential detail that wedding couples also put their minds on when planning a wedding. Incorporating the design to the wedding theme and making it different can be a taxing one. Usually, when I go to a wedding, aside from the wedding gown, I am looking out for the wedding cake. Sorry, […]

Wedding Doughnut Towers From Krispy Kreme, A New Hit

More and more wedding couples are trying to look for something new. Something that has not been used on other weddings before. Something unique. This will make their wedding day really something to remember. And the new thing wedding couples are turning too right now is Wedding Doughnut. Yes, you Hair I Serum ALL blow […]

Groom’s Cakes

One of the more interesting titbits of information about the Royal Wedding is that there were two wedding cakes. A fabulous eight tier wedding cake created by Fiona Cairns (who also makes Waitrose Wedding Cakes – we might add) and a groom’s cake – which by all accounts is a chocolate and biscuit affair to […]

Mini Wedding Cakes, Cupcakes and Treats

Now I’ve never been a huge fan of traditional wedding cakes. That dark rich fruit cake with the sickly sweet layer of marzipan topped off with a tooth cracking slab of icing has never really appealed. Happily it seems that I’m not alone and not only have wedding cakes themselves improved, with the humble sponge […]

Wedding Drinks

Whilst you are not expected to provide a free bar at the wedding breakfast, some bubbly for the toast and perhaps a few bottles on the tables for guests are expected to come from the bride and groom. Yet with a little smart shopping, you needn’t be landed with a huge wine bill. We had […]