Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Just imagine for a moment, that you look gloriously stunning in your elegant and graceful wedding dress, your wedding make-up is perfect and your hair looks the best it’s ever been. In other words, you look sensational! You get handed the bridal bouquet, slip your arm through your father’s and prepare to glide up the aisle to meet your future husband. But then your nose starts to run, your eyes begin to itch and you feel the sneezes coming on strong. Yes, your wedding bouquet has triggered your hay-fever!

This is just one of many reasons that brides are shunning flower wedding bouquets for something more alternative and a little bit different. Modern brides are much more open to different ideas and suggestions and so if you want to forgo that traditional wedding bouquet, then read on for plenty of alternatives.

Artificial Wedding Bouquets

The great thing about artificial wedding bouquets is that you get to keep them forever as a lasting memory of your wedding day. Real flowers soon wilt and fade but artificial flowers can stay looking fabulous!

White roses bouquet made from paper

These pretty paper rose bouquets look absolutely stunning – each rose is made from over 30 paper rose petals and shows off your roses in full bloom forever! I think you’ll agree that they look almost better than the real thing and much less prickly!

Button Bouquet

The button bouquet is an offbeat idea that is catching on with the modern bride and there are some magnificent button bouquet creations. But for a cheaper version why not get a bridal corsage to act as your bouquet? This lace and pearl corsage includes a button along with gorgeous pearl beads set in a felt and paper flower corsage made from the pages of a Jane Austen book – you can’t get much more romantic than that! Try inserting a few white feathers at the back for more detail if you like!

Artificial white rose pomander

Or how about a pomander? This Sola Rose Pomander bag is hand carved in natural sola wood and looks stunning. The white ribbon bow at the top can later be used to hang on the back of your bridal suite door or in your home as a permanent memento. Spray a little perfume over it for a sweet smelling fraqrance!

So you really don’t have to suffer from red swollen eyes and nose candles on your wedding day. There are many pretty, funky and fun ideas out there to compete with flower bouquets and once you’ve seen them all, plain old flowers will seem boring anyway!