20 Wedding Day Things No One Tells You About

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Ah, wedding day. We thought we knew it all, but then again we don’t. Aside from being it one of the most special day in your life, there are some other things that no one tells us about your wedding day. And Deborah Cicurel have listed 20 things about our wedding day that no one [...]

McDonald Hotel Wedding Shows

wedding show

Planning a wedding is a very exciting experience. But it can sometimes be very stressing as well. This is wedding fairs and shows comes in. It makes your life a bit easier by putting every vendor for you to get the best on your wedding day. And all McDonald Hotels, want you to have that [...]

Spring and Summer Wedding Trends of 2015

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If you are still planning your wedding and thinking of having a spring or summer wedding, then we have some simple yet stunning spring and summer weddings trends of 2015 to share to you. Charlie Barnett give us some trends that can add more wonderful detail to your wedding. Simple yet stunning spring and summer [...]

10 Wedding Trends Coming Over From the US

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Admit or not, your wedding can be affected and influenced by upcoming wedding trends. What is the color, theme or venue of the year according to numerous bride magazines or blog sites are usually checked by wedding couple or wedding planners. Laura Cox talked to Wedding Planner Fallon Carter, and she said that there are [...]

Wedding Dresses That Won’t Blow Your Budget

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A wedding dress is one most probably the most important detail a bride spends a lot. Every gorgeous bride love to wear a beautiful dress on her wedding date. But that fact, can mean that we have to spend more on it. And that usually put a dent on the wedding budget. Here are some [...]