Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

Photo Credit: Popsugar UK

Ever wonder why brides wear veils on their wedding day. What is the significance of that delicate fabric covering your face? That can only be removed when it is time for the groom to kiss the bride. Ellen Scott just got the answer to that. Why do brides wear veils on their wedding day? Veils came [...]

Weirdest Wedding Traditions Around the World

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Each country have their own wedding traditions. These traditions is usually evident as most wedding couples would like to follow them for good luck. Here are some weirdest wedding tradition as collated by Charlotte Long. 15 of the weirdest wedding traditions from around the world Shoe’ll be sorry!In India the groom traditionally removes his shoes while [...]

Things That Go Through Every Bride’s Head When Shopping For A Wedding Dress

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Every girl dream of wearing that perfect wedding dress on their wedding. So shopping for the perfect one is one crucial part of the wedding planning. Marie Claire’s Caroline Leaper listed a few things that are going through every bride’s head while shopping for a wedding dress. 8 Things That Go Through Every Bride’s Head [...]

Best Hotels In The UK For Wedding Venues

Photo Credit: Telegraph UK

Aside from having the perfect wedding gown, another thing wedding couples need to take time to think and pick is their wedding venue. Usually, the wedding theme depends on the venue they select. So if you are planning your wedding in a hotel, here are some of the best hotel choices you have in the [...]

New Wedding Etiquette Rules For The Digital Generation

Photo Credit: Evening Standard

As time evolve and a new era is born, everything is changing to cope up with it. And weddings are no exception. Each generation brings out new things that influence the planning and outcome of a wedding. Liz Connor of Evening Standard has listed some new wedding etiquette for the digital generation. 7 new rules [...]