How Long Does The Bride Plan Her Wedding?

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Planning different types of wedding can be done in different times. Simple weddings may take shorter time whilst bigger weddings may take a lot more. Planning to held your wedding in a church can also add to the planning stage. Here are some facts Lucy Walton gathered to give us an idea what is the [...]

Tips On How To Have A Great Wedding


There would be a point on your wedding planning that you would feel that you are already on your wits end. Sometimes you just need to step back and relax a bit before you start to plan again. And Claire Coulson gave some tips on just how you could have a great wedding. How to [...]

Choosing The Perfect Suits For Your Wedding

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Scrolling through your checklist, checking everything in it can be a little bit tiring. Wedding Gown – check. Entourage – check. Suits – ?. Yeah, we have been there before as well. Choosing a suit for your wedding is another task not really very easy to accomplish. So Lucy Walton gave us some steps to [...]

British Weddings Information We May Not Know About

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Weddings and how they are done vary depending on the culture and religion of the couple being married. Some may look like other wedding tradition of a different culture while others do not. Gemma Cartwight has given us some information on how British weddings differ from other weddings. 11 things you probably didn’t know about [...]

Little Bridesmaids Dresses By Monsoon


Planning a wedding can be very heavy on the budget. Which is why some is trying to see how they can cut some budget on other parts of their wedding without compromising the wedding itself. So if you are trying to look for very pretty little bridesmaid’s dresses without breaking the bank, then we got [...]